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Single Photon Counting Confocal Microscope


Explore new paths in confocal microscopy

Luminosa pairs highest data quality with remarkably simple day-to-day operation. It easily integrates into any researcher’s toolbox and becomes a time-efficient, reliable companion for scientists starting to explore the use of time-resolved fluorescence methodologies as well as for experts wanting to push the limits. Truly a microscopy system that everybody can rely on.


  • Software-controlled confocal system based on an inverted microscope
  • Versatile excitation system with laser wavelengths from 375 to 1064 nm
  • VarPSF: fine-tuned observation volume for FCS and single molecule FRET experiments
  • Motorised positioning table for “tiling and stitching” in transmission and FLIM mode
  • Scanning options: FLIMBee galvo scanner and piezo objective scanning
  • Up to 6 truly parallel detection channels with SPAD and/or Hybrid PMTs
  • < 700 ps dead time per channel and 5 ps time bins
  • One-click auto-alignment for consistent optimal performance
  • Fast results with minimal user interaction thanks to GPU accelerated algorithms and context-based workflows for FCS, FLIM, and single molecule detection


Luminosa Datasheet

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