Laser 2000

PD Series


There are 2 products in the PD series for fibre pigtail Photodiode, one InGaAs based and one Silicon based. For more information or guidance, please contact our experts.

The Laser 2000 range of in-line pigtailed detectors is for use with visible and infrared laser systems operating within optical fibre. These systems are pigtailed with industry standard connectors for connecting directly to the fibre-optic cable.

Used in conjunction with other fibre-optic components, they can provide a direct feedback of the optical transmission signal, a measurement of fluorescence response in fluorescence systems or alternatively act as the receiver in an optical transmission system.

Three different detector types are offered, a pigtailed silicon detector for visible and near infrared work, an InGaAs PIN photodiode and a Germanium avalanche photodiode for use in the near infrared and infrared.

Laser 2000 offers a range of options for the fibre pigtailed silicon, InGaAs and Germanium photodiodes:

The active area can be 55, 75, 100, 300 or 500 microns. Four types of fibre can be supplied; 9/125 SMF, 50/125 MMF, 62.5/125 MMF or 100/140 MMF, of various lengths (0.5m, 1m, 2m etc.). In addition, there are several options for brackets and fibre connector types.

Wavelength Ranges:

1100-1650nm: InGaAs

400-1100nm: Silicon


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