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3D Microscope Upgrade

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Double Helix Optics

3D Microscope Upgrade

Easily capture and analyse 3D images of cellular structures down to the single molecule level

  • Single or dual channel. Up to four wavelengths with multi-colour masks
  • Extends the capabilities of your microscope for nano-scale 3D imaging and sensing
  • Attaches between any widefield microscope and EMCCD or sCMOS camera, using standard C-mounts
  • Ensures pupil plane alignment to your microscope and objectives with corrective optics
  • Features a bypass mode so you can revert to 2D imaging without having to dismantle
  • Unlocks vast potential when used with other tools and techniques, including SOFI, confocal, STORM, widefield, fluorescent beads, dyes, and photoactivable proteins


Unrivalled Precision and Depth 3D Imaging & Tracking
Double Helix Optics’ SPINDLE™ gives researchers the ability to easily capture and analyse 3D images of cellular structures down to the single molecule level.

Using Double Helix Optics’ patented Light Engineering™ technology as its foundation, the SPINDLE™ can be easily installed on existing microscopes to enable advanced 3D imaging and tracking with super-resolution capabilities. Built-in bypass mode allows for easy return to non-3D experiments.

  • Patented phase mask design overcomes traditional limitations enabling 3D imaging with unparalleled depth and axial precision
  • Select from a library of masks optimised to the emission wavelength needed for your 3D experiment
  • Compatible with wide range of microscopes, objectives and cameras


Custom designed optics for precision imaging and tracking

  • Full field-of-view imaging
  • Custom optics ensure diffraction-limited performance over the full field of view of large format sensors
  • Transmission >95%
  • Built-in corrective optics to ensure pupil plane alignment to your microscope and objectives
  • Ease of install with stable alignment of x, y, and z positions of the phase mask in the relayed pupil plane


Intelligent data analysis

  • 3DTRAX™ Software, a FIJI plugin provides: 3D localisation of molecules, 3D rendering, drift correction, tracking, visualisation
  • Intuitive plots help to ensure quality data throughout the analysis process
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Ease of file export for extended analysis


Affordable and adaptable

  • Small footprint allows easy installation even in space-constrained environments
  • Input and output C-mount adapters provide easy support for commercial and custom-built microscopes and cameras
  • Highly reliable system with no moving parts. Switchable phase mask cartridges, auxiliary emission filter holders for maximum experiment flexibility
  • Modular design evolves your existing system into an advanced 3D imaging system with super-resolution capabilities


3D Double Helix super-resolution reconstruction of microtubules labeled with AlexaFluor 647. 3D with Double Helix and simulated 2D reconstructions showing z depth encoded in colour. The Double Helix 3D image captures a depth of 2.2 μm. The simulated 2D reconstruction of the same image shows 1 μm of z depth (-500 to +500 nm) and does not contain axial localisation information.​


2019 Prism Award Winner

Going up against innovative technologies at SPIE’s Photonics West, the SPINDLE™ secured the win for Double Helix Optics for the category of diagnostics and therapeutics. Click here to read SPIE’s press release on the 2019 Prism Award winners.

Prism Award Winner 2019

Axial Precision

25 nm

Depth Range

2 – 20 μm

Dimensions (H x W x D)

211 x 84 x 84 mm

Field of View

Larger than 200 x 200 μm

Lateral (x-y) Precision

20 nm

Light Efficiency

> 95%

Wavelength Range

Mask Library 400 nm to Near IR, custom masks available upon request.

Real-time single-shot extended depth imaging
Up to 30X single shot depth range of conventional clear aperture objective
Corrective optics simplify installation between camera and microscope
STORM, PALM, FRET, SOFI, extended depth of field, and more
Simultaneous multicolor imaging
Track fiducials to merge multiple captures extending range even further
Combine and register two channels on a single camera
SPINDLE Datasheet
SPINDLE² Datasheet

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