Laser 2000

InGaAs line scan camera


SWIR (short-wavelength infrared) imaging is a great solution for nondestructive inspection. It sees under the surface, differentiates materials based on their SWIR spectral signatures, and offers a safe and convenient way to ensure product quality.
Integrating SWIR imaging into production lines requires cameras such as the C15333-10E InGaAs line scan camera, whose high SWIR sensitivity and fast line rate are ideal for real time, in-line non-destructive inspection.


  • SWIR sensitivity from 950 nm to 1700 nm
  • 1024 pixel linear array
  • Maximum line rate: 40 kHz
  • Interface: Employs Gigabit Ethernet
  • Equipped with high quality images (Back ground subtraction, Real time shading correction)


  • Food and agricultural products (damage inspection, quality screening, material discrimination, etc.)
  • Semiconductors (Si wafer pattern inspection, solar cell inspection by EL/PL, etc.)
  • Industry (moisture content, leak detection, container inspection, etc.)
Type number C15333-10E
Quantum efficiency above 60 % (1100 nm ~ 1600 nm) *
Imaging device InGaAs line sensor
Effective no. of pixels 1024 (H) × 1 (V)
Cell size 12.5 μm (H) × 12.5 μm (V)
Effective area 12.8 mm (H) × 0.0125 mm (V)
Readout speed Internal mode: 40 kHz (21 μs exposure time)
Sync readout: 40 kHz
Exposure time 21 μs to 1 s (1 μs step)
External trigger input Sync readout
External trigger signal routing 12 pin SMA or HIROSE connector
Image processing functions Background subtraction, Real time shading correction
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
A/D converter 14 bit
Lens mount C mount
Power supply DC 12 V
Power consumption 6 W max.
Ambient operating temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃
Ambient storage temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Ambient operating humidity 30 % to 80 % (with no condensation)
Ambient storage humidity 90 % max. (with no condensation)
Spectral Response

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