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ORCA-Fire sCMOS camera


The ORCA-Fire intelligently integrates all the essential elements of a high performance, back-thinned, scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera. The camera’s excellence is rooted in Hamamatsu’s dedication to low noise and high quantum efficiency sCMOS technology. With the ORCA-Fire, high sensitivity is realised while also achieving excellent resolution and blazing fast speeds. This sCMOS camera shines when the science demands high throughput but the sample can only deliver a few photons.

Will the ORCA-Fire spark your next discovery?



  • Low Noise: 1.0 electrons rms (115 frames/s)
  • High QE: 86 % @460 nm (Back illuminated CMOS)
  • High Resolution:4432 (H) × 2368 (V) (Pixel size 4.6 μm)
  • High Speed:115 frames/s (@4432(H)×2368(V) 10.5 Mpixels)
  • Large Field of View:20.4 mm × 10.9 mm (Diagonal 23.114 mm)
  • High Dynamic Range:1:20,000 (Full well capacity 20,000 electrons)


Comparison of image quality at different pixel sizes
ORCA-Fire Comparison of image quality at different pixel sizes


ORCA-Fire Dimensions

Imaging device Scientific CMOS image sensor
Effective number of pixels 4432 (H) x 2368 (V)
Pixel size 4.6 μm x 4.6 μm
Effective area 20.387 mm x 10.892 mm
Full well capacity 20,000 electrons (Typ.)
Readout speed[1] Full resolution, CoaXPress: 115 frames/s
Full resolution, USB 3.1: 15.7 frames/s
Vertical 4 line, CoaXPress: 19 500 frames/s
Vertical 4 line, USB 3.1: 3690 frames/s
Readout noise 1.0 electrons (rms), 0.9 electrons (median)
Quantum efficiency 86 % (peak QE) (Typ.)
Exposure time 7.309 μs to 10 s (7.309 μs step)
Cooling method Peltier cooling
Cooling temperature Forced-air cooled (Ambient temperature: +25 °C) + 20 °C
Dark current 0.6 electrons/pixel/s (Typ.)
Dynamic range[2] 20,000:1 (rms), 22,000:1 (median)
Sensor mode Area readout, Lightsheet readout
External trigger function Area readout mode: Edge trigger, Global reset edge trigger, Level trigger, Global reset level trigger, Sync readout trigger, Start trigger
Lightsheet readout mode: Edge trigger , Start trigger
External trigger signal External input (SMA)
External trigger level TTL/3.3 V LVCMOS level
External trigger delay function 0 μs to 10 s (1 μs step)
External output signal Global exposure timing output,
Any-row exposure timing output,
Trigger ready output,
Programmable timing output High output,
Low output
External output level 3.3 V LVCMOS level
Interface CoaXPress (Quad CXP-6) / USB 3.1 Gen 1
A/D converter 16 bit, 8 bit
Lens mount C-mount
Power supply AC 100 V to AC 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 2.5 A
Power consumption 100 VA
Ambient operating temperature 0 °C to +40 °C
Ambient storage temperature -10 °C to +50 °C
Ambient operating humidity 30 % to 80 % or less (With no condensation)
Ambient storage humidity 90 % or less (With no condensation)

[1] Using frame bundle function by DCAM-API
[2] Calculated from the ratio of the full well capacity and the readout noise
ORCA-Fire Datasheet

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