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785 nm Verona™ long-pass Raman edge filter

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Verona™ improved transition width and low ripple enables you to collect more Raman signal closer to the laser line. We offer deep blocking at the laser line and high transmission. All our measurements and specifications are backed by the Kola Deep™ Spectral Measurement System.

Note on spectral plots:
In the past, each shipment has included a spectral plot for every filter and every lot code in the shipment. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we will no longer be including these plots with each shipment. If you require spectral plot data, please see here for more information.

Optical Specifications
Transmission Band Tavg > 93% 788.9 – 1770.7 nm
Transmission Ripple Tripple < 2% 788.9 &ndash; 1770.7
Laser Wavelength 785 nm
Blocking Band ODavg > 6 650 – 785 nm
ODabs > 6 @ 785 nm
Transition Width < 1.6 nm from 785 nm to T = 50%
< 25.9 cm–1
General Specifications
Angle of Incidence 0 ± 2 &deg;
Cone Half-angle 0 °
Filter Effective Index 1.76 Understanding ‘Effective Index of Refraction’ neff
Optical Damage Rating Testing has proven to show no signs of degradation when exposed to at least 6.0 W of power from an unfiltered xenon arc lamp over a 25 mm diameter (corresponding to 1.2 W/cm²) for over 500 hrs.
Physical Specifications (for standard parts – please contact us for custom sizes)
Mounted / Unmounted Mounted
Shape Round
Size 12.5 x 5.0 mm
Transverse Dimensions, Diameter 12.5 mm
Transverse Tolerance, Mounted + 0.0 / – 0.1 mm
Substrate Thickness Tolerance, Unmounted ± 0.1 mm
Filter Thickness, Mounted 5 mm
Filter Thickness Tolerance, Mounted ± 0.1 mm
Clear Aperture ≥ 10 mm
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) 60-40
Substrate Thickness 3.0 mm
Substrate Type Low-autofluorescence optical quality glass
Orientation Arrow on ring indicates preferred direction of propagation of light


  • Size: 12.5 x 5.0 mm


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Optical Density

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