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473 nm laser BrightLine® single-edge super-resolution / TIRF dichroic beamsplitter

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The perfect dichroic beamsplitters for the most popular lasers used in fluorescence imaging, including all-solid-state lasers for advanced microscopy. All beamsplitters in this category have exceptional reflectance at the key laser wavelengths, and wider reflection bands — into UV for photoactivation and super-resolution techniques. Additionally they feature extended transmission regions — into IR to 1200 or 1600 nm, and anti-reflection (AR) coatings to minimize imaging artifacts resulting from the coherent laser light.

Semrock’s super-resolution / TIRF dichroics are available in two thicknesses and deliver industry-leading flatness for minimal focus shift and optical wavefront aberrations of the laser beam spot to enable popular imaging and Super-resolution techniques such as TIRF, PALM, STORM, Structured Illumination, and STED.

1λ P-V RWE on 1 mm, optimized for reflecting laser beams up to 10 mm in diameter while minimizing RWE
λ/5 P-V RWE on 3 mm, optimized for reflecting laser beams up to 22.5 mm in diameter while minimizing RWE

Note on spectral plots:
In the past, each shipment has included a spectral plot for every filter and every lot code in the shipment. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we will no longer be including these plots with each shipment. If you require spectral plot data, please see here for more information.

Optical Specifications
Transmission Band Tavg > 93% 486.6 – 1200 nm
Reflection Band Rabs > 94% 457.9 – 478.0 nm
Reflection Band, p-pol Rabs > 90% 457.9 – 478.0 nm
Reflection Band, s-pol Rabs > 98% 457.9 – 478.0 nm
Laser Wavelength 457.9 nm
473 nm ± 5
General Specifications
Angle of Incidence 45 ° with a shift of 0.35%/° (40 – 50 °)
Cone Half-angle 0.5 °
Filter Effective Index 2.18 Understanding ‘Effective Index of Refraction’ neff
Optical Damage Rating Not tested
Flatness / RWE Classification Super-resolution / TIRF
Reflected Wavefront Error < 0.2λ P-V RWE @ 632.8
< 1λ P-V RWE @ 632.8
Physical Specifications (for standard parts – please contact us for custom sizes)
Mounted / Unmounted Unmounted
Shape Rectangular
Size 25.2 x 35.6 x 1.1 mm
25.2 x 35.6 x 3.0 mm
Transverse Dimensions, LxW 25.2 mm x 35.6 mm
Transverse Tolerance, Mounted ± 0.1 mm
Substrate Thickness Tolerance, Unmounted ± 0.05 mm
Clear Aperture ≥ 80% (elliptical)
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) 60-40
Substrate Type Low-autofluorescence optical quality glass


  • Filter Thickness Tolerance, Unmounted: ± 0.05 mm
  • Filter Thickness, Unmounted: 1.05 mm
  • Size: 25.2 x 35.6 x 1.1 mm
  • Substrate Thickness: 1.05 mm


  • Filter Thickness Tolerance, Unmounted: ± 0.1 mm
  • Filter Thickness, Unmounted: 3.0 mm
  • Size: 25.2 x 35.6 x 3.0 mm
  • Substrate Thickness: 3.0 mm


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