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dynAXIS Galvanometer Scanner Base Units

Galvanometer Scanners Base Units come in 3 series with varying sizes from extra small to large. For more information or guidance please contact our product experts.

dynAXIS galvanometer scanners are high-performance rotary motors for optical applications. They consist of a motor section based on moving magnet technology and a high-precision position detector. The primary area of application is the fast and precise positioning of mirrors for the deflection of laser beams.

The exceptional dynamics of SCANLAB’s dynAXIS scanners are the result of years of experience in developing and manufacturing scanners, scan systems and scan solutions for industrial use.

The motor section of each dynAXIS is ideally matched to the deflection mirror´s inertial load. The optimized rotor design is largely responsible for the favourable dynamic properties and resonance characteristics. Axially pre-loaded precision ball bearings guarantee a backlash-free rotor assembly with high stiffness and low friction. Special attention has been paid to long bearing lifetimes.

The optical position detector system is characterized by high resolution, as well as good repeatability and drift values. The scanners are equipped with heaters and temperature sensors (except dynAXIS XS and dynAXIS T). This allows temperature stabilization for further enhancing long-term stability, even under fluctuating ambient conditions.

The new scanners of the dynAXIS 3 series feature a revised position detector for exceptionally low drift, highest linearity and, optionally, extended deflection angles.

For all dynAXIS scanners, SCANLAB provides suitable mirrors and mirror coatings for all common laser wavelengths and power levels. In addition to excellent reflection properties, the mirrors are also optimized with respect to inertial load, stiffness and flatness.

The high quality of SCANLAB’s galvanometer scanners enables errorfree operation in long-term and continuous use. Comprehensive measurements on custom test benches assure that the highest level of quality is continuously maintained.

Durable and Ideal for Diverse Applications

Manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001 standards, the high quality of SCANLAB’s galvanometer scanners enables error-free operation in long-term and continuous use.
Galvanometer scanners are available in various sizes and configurations. Additionally, optimized mirrors and servo boards are available for a wide variety of applications, with coatings for all common wavelengths and laser powers.

dynAXIS Series – Galvos for Standard Applications

dynAXIS scanners achieve high resolution, as well as good repeatability and drift properties through their optical positioning systems. Motors are ideally matched to the deflection mirror’s inertial load. dynAXIS scanners are available with different mirrors for apertures from 6 mm to 30 mm. This allows the galvanometer scanner to be optimally selected and configured for a wide variety of applications.
The optimized rotor design is largely responsible for the favorable dynamic properties and settling characteristics. Axially pre-loaded precision ball bearings guarantee a backlash-free rotor with high stiffness and low friction. Special attention has been paid to bearing technology to ensure long lifetime in the most demanding applications.

dynAXIS 3 Series – Even Better Drift Values

Scanners of the dynAXIS 3 series feature an improved position detector for exceptionally low drift, highest linearity and, optionally, extended deflection angles. The dynAXIS 3 scanners are available with scan mirrors for apertures from 10 mm to 30 mm and can be designed and used application-specific.

dynAXIS 421 – Compact and Fast

For applications that demand compact and fast galvanometer scanners with apertures from 3 mm to 6 mm, SCANLAB offers the new dynAXIS 421 equipped with the latest position detector technology. It combines superior acceleration capabilities with high accuracy. Those properties make dynAXIS 421 galvos ideal for applications requiring fast and precise scanning with small mirrors. Typical applications are biomedical and ophthalmic imagingconfocal microscopy and laser-assisted medical treatments.


Type-Dependent Specifications dynAXIS XS dynAXIS 3 T S M L dynAXIS 421
Rotor inertia (1) 0.028 g·cm2 0.125 g·cm2 0.34 g·cm2 1.2 g·cm2 5.1 g·cm2 0.018 g·cm2
Torque constant 2.3 N·mm/A 5.3 N·mm/A 7.5 N·mm/A 15 N·mm/A 24 N·mm/A 1.6 N·mm/A
Coil resistance 3.9 Ω 2.8 Ω 2.7 Ω 2.2 Ω 0.85 Ω 1.3 Ω
Coil inductance 90 µH 145 µH 165 µH 275 µH 300 µH 55 µH
Max. RMS current 1.8 A 2.2 A 2.5 A 3.5 A 5A 4.2 A
Peak current 6A 10A 10A 10A 15A 17 A
Without cable approx. 25 g approx. 40 g approx. 220 g approx. 300 g approx. 400 g approx. 19 g
Without heater (2) DE9M DE9M
With heater (2) DA15F DA15F DA15F DA15F
Inertial load
Recommended 0.02 g·cm2 0.1 g·cm2 0.35 g·cm2 1.2 g·cm2 8 g·cm2 0.01 g·cm2
Maximum 0.05 g·cm2 0.5 g·cm2 1.5 g·cm2 6 g·cm2 25 g·cm2 0.05 g·cm2
Recommended aperture 7 mm 8.5 mm 10 mm 14 mm 20 – 30 mm 3 – 7 mm
Dynamic performance
Step response time 1% of full scale (3) 0.23 ms 0.24 ms 0.25 ms 0.40 ms 0.70 ms 140 µs

(1) dynAXIS XS, S and T with integrated mirror mount, dynAXIS M and L without mirror mount.

(2) D-sub plugs resp. sockets; heating available for dynAXIS 3 T, but not dynAXIS XS or dynAXIS T.

(3) rated for 1/1000 of full scale, with mirrors for the recommended aperture.

dynAXID and dynAXIS 3 Datasheet
dynAXIS 421 Datasheet
dynAXID and dynAXIS 3 Dimensions
dynAXIS 421 Dimensions

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