Laser 2000

High-performance PDH locking with reconfigurable instrumentation​

Webinar hosted in partnership with Liquid Instruments.


The Pound-Drever-Hall (PDH) method is ubiquitous in fields requiring laser frequency stabilisation, including atomic physics, spectroscopy, and precision measurement. However, since PDH systems are traditionally assembled manually from various components, they often present challenges for researchers due to time constraints and adaptability issues, leading to maintenance difficulties and signal distortion. 

In this presentation, we provide a pedagogical introduction to the PDH technique and create a system using reconfigurable, FPGA-based instrumentation. We also combine multiple instruments, including the Moku Laser Lock Box, into a bespoke environment that emulates a real optical system. You’ll see how this digital-first approach simplifies the laser locking process while automating maintenance against disturbances and delivering higher-quality data. 

Expect to learn how an integrated approach enables instant tuning of control loop parameters and demodulation phase, multiple preconfigured locking stages, and instant, single-click locking. Together, the easy-to-use Moku software interface, suite of FPGA-based instruments, and powerful hardware provide flexible new ways to improve SNR, consolidate legacy test equipment, and significantly reduce time to innovation.

The webinar includes a presentation, demonstration, and live Q&A session. Presented in partnership with Liquid Instruments.

Webinar details

  • Title: High-performance PDH locking with reconfigurable instrumentation

  • Speaker: John Miller

  • Date: 9th July 2024 3:30 PM BST

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