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Microscience Microscopy Congress 2023

Laser 2000 is at MMC 2023, from 4th – 6th July

Find us at Stand 312

Get ready for an incredible showcase of microscopy, imaging, and cytometry at the Microscience Microscopy Congress (MMC) 2023,  incorporating EMAG 2023. As one of the biggest events of its kind in Europe, this extraordinary gathering brings together the best from across the globe. Join us at Stand 312 and experience the very latest in microscopy equipment and technology. The event features six parallel conference sessions, a world-class exhibition, workshops, satellite meetings, and an international Imaging Competition, making it a must-attend for microscope enthusiasts. Taking place at the superb Manchester Central conference centre, this fully in-person event provides the perfect platform for the scientific community to connect, collaborate, and share groundbreaking research.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to witness the forefront of microscopy and imaging. Find out more and book your place at the event page, below.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Revolutionising Automated Microscopy

Experience the future of automated microscopy with Zaber’s MVR microscope. Designed to break down the barriers of traditional microscopy, this motorised inverted microscope offers exceptional performance and value by combining Zaber’s precision motion control with world-class optics.

With a modular design, the MVR microscope enables effortless interchangeability of key modules such as the episcopic and transmitted illuminators, camera, and even the tube lens. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different optical systems quickly and efficiently. The MVR is also fully compatible with µManager open source microscopy software. Seamlessly integrate and control your microscope with ease. 

Motorized inverted microscope platform
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3D Live Cell Imaging Made Accessible

We’re excited to showcase the NL5+, the latest addition to’s lineup of exceptional microscopy solutions. This line scanning confocal microscope combines the best of point scanners and spinning disc technologies, offering confocal, widefield, and brightfield observation options. With its second-generation fast line-scanning confocal technology, the NL5+ series addresses the challenges of phototoxicity while providing high temporal resolution and enabling long-term imaging.

The NL5+ features a slit pinhole and an incredibly sensitive sCMOS camera as a detector, making it the perfect tool for fast and deep 3D live cell imaging. Unlike spinning-disk systems, the NL5+ series eliminates pinhole crosstalk when imaging deep within the sample. With a lateral resolution of 240 nm (convertible to 170 nm with on-the-fly deconvolution), this confocal microscope ensures remarkable image quality.

Time Resolved Fluorescence.

PicoQuant is a leading company in the field of pulsed diode lasers, time-resolved data acquisition, single photon counting, and fluorescence instrumentation. With a rich history of innovation, PicoQuant introduced the first commercially available ultrasensitive fluorescence microscope in 2002, enabling measurements at the single molecule level. Today, their instruments are utilised worldwide, playing a vital role in high-ranking scientific research, routine quality control processes of global industrial players, and a wide range of applications.

Among their cutting-edge offerings is the Single Photon Counting Confocal Microscope, known as Luminosa. This microscopy system combines exceptional data quality with user-friendly day-to-day operation.

Vortran Stradus 514-20 Laser Diode Module

High Performance Laser Diode Modules & Systems

Vortran Laser Technologies specialises in the design and manufacturing of instrumentation grade laser diode modules and OEM optical subsystems. Vortran’s Stradus® line of lasers is a fully CDRH-compliant series of high-performance, circularised laser diode modules. The highly integrated modules contain all the necessary optical power regulation, temperature regulation, communication interface, and protection circuitry. 

The Stradus Lite laser module provides a solution for OEM applications that require a high performance but simplified device for cost sensitive applications. This module is 1/4 the size of the standard Stradus Laser Module.

The VersaLase™ multiple wavelength laser system combines up to two, four or eight wavelengths in a single module. The laser module is fully integrated, plug and play, self-contained, and requires no internal user intervention.

High Performance, Hard-coated Optical Filters for Fluorescence.

Semrock optical filters for fluorescence microscopy are hard-coated, with a patented construction that gives superior performance. Steeper edges, precise wavelength accuracy and optimised blocking give better contrast and faster measurements, even at UV wavelengths. These filters do not burn out and can be handled and cleaned safely. Their simple structure and hard coating makes them virtually impervious to humidity and temperature induced degradation.

Laser 2000 offers a wide selection of individual bandpass filters and beamsplitters which may be combined for non-standard applications, plus filter sets optimised for the most popular fluorophores, fluorescence microscopes, and imaging systems. World-class manufacturing and advanced metrology ensure consistent, batch-to-batch performance that always meets specifications.

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Compact Femtosecond and Picosecond Lasers

Spark Lasers is at the forefront of developing compact femtosecond and picosecond lasers designed for both industrial and scientific applications. With a focus on innovative technology, high performance, exceptional quality, and modern compact design, Spark Lasers has established itself as a pioneer and leading manufacturer of femtosecond lasers dedicated to biophotonics and industrial applications.

Their extensive range of compact ultrafast lasers caters to a wide variety of scientific and industrial needs. With diverse specifications including wavelengths, repetition rate, power, energy, and customisable options, Spark Lasers offers solutions tailored to even the most challenging projects.

Precision Polarisation Systems & Custom Solutions

Meadowlark Optics is a leading provider of high-quality polarisation systems and components, specialising in liquid crystal devices across a wide range of wavelengths from UV to MWIR. Their comprehensive product line includes a variety of essential components such as shutters, rotators, waveplates/retarders, spatial light modulators, tunable optical filters, tri-colour filters, polarisers, polarimeters, and more.

Each product offered by Meadowlark Optics is carefully designed to provide precise wavelength range and rapid liquid crystal response time, allowing for the manipulation of spectra and pulses with exceptional control. In addition to their standard offerings, Meadowlark Optics excels in providing custom solutions tailored to meet specific requirements.

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