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Enhanced Stability CW Mode-Hop-Free Mid-IR Laser, available from 4 to 11 µm


DRS Daylight Solutions

Laser 2000 is proud to offer the CW-MHF, a new generation of CW mode-hop-free mid-IR lasers for high-resolution, mid-IR spectroscopy. Specially developed for users needing high spectral resolution, phasecontinuous tuning to avoid jumping over spectral lines, or both. Drawing on years of precision engineering and manufacturing experience, the DRS Daylight CW–MHF laser features a highly stable laser cavity that, guided by finite element analysis (FEA), was designed to reduce susceptibility to acoustic perturbations and maximise robustness.

Narrow-linewidth operation with MHF tuning are high demands for any laser system. However, unique in the industry, the CW–MHF is able to provide open-loop linewidths of ≤ 5 MHz (over 100 ms) and MHF tuning to > 30 cm-1, and often to > 100 cm-1. The CW–MHF also includes two ways to modulate wavelength: via a PZT or current modulation. This unrivalled combination of wide MHF tuning, narrow-linewidth operation, and modulation capability enables high resolution spectroscopy and/or locking to a wavelength reference.


Features & Benefits:
  • Wavelength availability: <4 to >11 µm
  • MHF tuning range: ≥30 to 100 cm-1 (typical, depending on model)
  • CW power > 70 mW typical
  • Linewidth (FWHM < 5 MHz (10 ms) and < 10 MHz (1s)
  • Wavelength accuracy of ± 0.5 cm-1 (± 15 GHz), unidirectional
  • Ultra-quiet, with RIN as low as -140 dBc/Hz, enables higher-SNR spectroscopy
  • Superb TEM00 beam quality, low beam pointing
  • SideKick™ controller, GUI, and SDK included with all systems
  • Proprietary HFQD™ circuitry to protect your chips


Techniques & Applications

The unique feature set and industry-leading performance of the CW–MHF Mid-IR Laser enable a wide range of sensitive spectroscopy techniques and applications:

Spectroscopy techniques

  • High resolution
  • Rotational-vibrational
  • Cavity ring-down
  • Photoacoustic
  • Gas phase



  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Combustion diagnostics
  • TIC, VOC, GHG, and explosives detection
  • Process control
  • Nanoscale imaging
  • Biomarker detection in breath
  • Chemical and biological agent sensing
  • IR sensor development
General Specifications
Average Output Power 70 mW (typical, max) [2]
Centre Wavelength Availability <4 to >11µm
Current Modulation ≥0.02 cm-1, 200 Hz to 500 KHz, 1 MHz bandwidth
Linewidth <5 MHz over 100 ms; <10 MHz over 1 s
Max. Tuning Speed <3 s for 30 cm-1 scan
Operation Continuous wave, mode hop-free (CW-MHF) + extended CW tuning [3]
Piezoelectric Modulation ≥0.05% of nominal centre wavelength {cm-1} at 100 Hz, 350 Hz bandwidth [4]
Pointing Stability <1 mrad per 100 cm-1 tuning
Power Stability < 1% RMS over 5 mins
Scanning Programmable uni- and bi-directional survey scan. Start, stop, step, pause, auto/manual scanning
Tuning Range >30-100 cm^-1 [2]
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.5 cm^-1 (± 15 GHz), unidirectional
Beam Parameters
Beam Divergence: <4 mrad (full angle, 1/e2 intensity)
Beam Quality: TEM00 (nominal)
Beam Waist: <2.5 mm (1/e2 intensity diameter)
Beam Waist Location: 30 to 50 cm (typical)
Polarisation: Linear, Vertical; >100:1
Mechanical Parameters
Cooling Method Water cooling
Head Size (L x W x H) 172 x 111 x 146 mm
External Interface USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100
Package Type Benchtop
Temperature Range 15 to 30°C
[1] Measured at 4 μm; scales with wavelength – please enquire.
[2] At peak of tuning curve. Depends on centre wavelength selected – please enquire.
[3] CW: this laser is an inherently CW laser, and cannot provide pulsed output. Extended tuning: mode hops may occur when tuning across “extended” CW range.
[4] Example: at 6 μm (1667 cm-1), this would be 0.05% x 1667 = 0.8 cm-1. This requires a PZT driver approved by Daylight Solutions – please enquire.

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