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Oxford Photonics Day 2023

Laser 2000 will be at Oxford Photonics Day 2023, on the 3rd October

Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, Parks Road, Oxford

The registration desk will be located on the ground floor reception of the Thom Building.

Our Test & Measurement Specialist, Dan Young, will be hosting a flash talk at 3:20 on the Moku multi-instrument systems, from our partner Liquid Instruments. Come and discover a test platform for the digital age, and learn about the benefits of consolidating 12+ instruments into one flexible platform.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

Moku. One Device. 12+ Instruments.
A Test Platform for the Digital Age.

Streamline your workflow. Future-proof your lab. Get up and running in minutes.

With Moku, you’ll gain instant access to an entire suite of software-defined instruments — from test essentials like an oscilloscope and spectrum analyser to advanced tools like a lock-in amplifier and laser lock box — with a single, all-in-one device at a fraction of the cost.

Choose from three efficient hardware options, each with dedicated specifications, to unlock an unparalleled combination of performance, speed, and flexibility in the lab, classroom, or anywhere you need to test.

Watch the video to learn more.

Configure your test system in minutes, not days Control experiments wirelessly and move freely in the lab Develop and deploy custom FPGA code in minutes, not months
Seamlessly connect and switch between 12+ instruments Use multiple instruments simultaneously API support for easy integration and automation
Moku Models

Test and Measurement

Laser 2000 offers a wide range of test & measurement equipment for photonics applications. 

DataRay beam profilers are useful in many laser applications, where it is important to know what your laser beam looks like beyond a simple wavelength and energy density measurement. Beam profiling tells you about your laser beam’s spatial characteristics, intensity, propagation, beam quality, and ultimately how useful it is.

We also offer a wide range of high accuracy, reliable spectrum analysers & wavelength meters, in partnership with our supplier Bristol Instruments. This product range is complimented by the optical power & energy meters that we offer from our supplier Laser Point, covering up to multi-kilowatt power level, from CW to ultrafast pulsed lasers, and from UV up to FIR.

Laser Diode Drivers, Temperature Controllers, and Mounts

Laser 2000 offers a wide range of laser diode drivers, temperature controllers, and laser mounts for use in a wide array of laser diode testing such as research and development or manufacturing test. 

Arroyo Instruments’ LaserSource test platforms, TECSource temperature controllers, and LaserMount mounts compete with anyone on features and perfomance. They excel on unparalleled value, device protection and isolation, display viewability, text menu structure, ease of use, and sensor calibration. 

USB and RS-232 capabilities are standard on all Arroyo Instrument products, allowing you to interface with the hardware in the fastest, most effective means possible. Command set compatibility with other manufacturers offers broader applicability with your existing hardware and test solutions, and all products are stackable or rack-mountable, reducing valuable test space to run an application test.

Arroyo Instruments Logo
Vortran Stradus 514-20 Laser Diode Module

High Performance Laser Diode Modules & Systems

Vortran Laser Technologies specialises in the design and manufacturing of instrumentation grade laser diode modules and OEM optical subsystems. Vortran’s Stradus® line of lasers is a fully CDRH-compliant series of high-performance, circularised laser diode modules. The highly integrated modules contain all the necessary optical power regulation, temperature regulation, communication interface, and protection circuitry. 

The Stradus Lite laser module provides a solution for OEM applications that require a high performance but simplified device for cost sensitive applications. This module is 1/4 the size of the standard Stradus Laser Module.

The VersaLase™ multiple wavelength laser system combines up to two, four or eight wavelengths in a single module. The laser module is fully integrated, plug and play, self-contained, and requires no internal user intervention.

Laser Diodes

Laser diodes are component level devices that are ubiquitous in modern life, due to their small size and ruggedness. 

Laser 2000 (UK) supplies a large matrix of products based on package type and optical properties such as power and wavelength, partnering with nanoplus GmbH, a vertically integrated supplier of semiconductor lasers, which is the only manufacturer worldwide routinely providing single and multi-mode lasers at any wavelength from 760 to 6000 nm..

Though laser diodes are the most common form of semiconductor laser, a subset of device is based on the novel structuring of the semiconductor material, allowing the design of unique optical properties. Some of these devices do not require a ‘diode structure’ at all, such as Inter-band Cascade Lasers (ICLs) and Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs), though they are still commonly coined ‘Laser Diode’.

The most common application is gas spectroscopy, specifically Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS).

Laser Diode with TEC
nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies

Pulsed Diode Lasers

PicoQuant is a leading company in the field of pulsed diode lasers, time-resolved data acquisition, single photon counting, and fluorescence instrumentation. With a rich history of innovation, PicoQuant introduced the first commercially available ultrasensitive fluorescence microscope in 2002, enabling measurements at the single molecule level. Today, their instruments are utilised worldwide, playing a vital role in high-ranking scientific research, routine quality control processes of global industrial players, and a wide range of applications.

Laser Safety Eyewear and Large Area Protection

Laser 2000 is proud to be platinum partner of UVEX laservision, which manufactures laser protective eyewear, such as laser safety glasses, goggles and large area protection.

The filter material type and frame style is dependent on the protection level needed for the various classes of lasers.

All Laser safety spectacles and goggles are CE certified and conform to EN207 safety ratings. The EU standards consider the frame when determining eyewear safety rating, you can find our overview of the different available frame styles in our Frame Styles Guide.

Glass Filter Eyewear
Zaber Technologies

Simplifying Motion Control

Zaber Technologies designs and manufactures precision positioning devices that are affordable and easy to use. Its devices are used in life sciences, microscopy, and industrial automation.

With Zaber Technologies’ products, you’ll be able to build powerful motion control systems quickly, easily, and at low cost. Most Zaber stages include built-in controllers and daisy chain together for plug and play control. You can configure a system in minutes with no previous expertise. Zaber offers free access to their software and scripting editor.

Products include: linear and vertical stages, actuators, rotary devices, filter wheels, stepper motors, goniometers, gimbals, stand-alone controllers, and more.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Zaber Technologies’ motion control range.

High Performance, Hard-coated Optical Filters for Fluorescence.

Semrock optical filters for fluorescence microscopy are hard-coated, with a patented construction that gives superior performance. Steeper edges, precise wavelength accuracy and optimised blocking give better contrast and faster measurements, even at UV wavelengths. These filters do not burn out and can be handled and cleaned safely. Their simple structure and hard coating makes them virtually impervious to humidity and temperature induced degradation.

Laser 2000 offers a wide selection of individual bandpass filters and beamsplitters which may be combined for non-standard applications, plus filter sets optimised for the most popular fluorophores, fluorescence microscopes, and imaging systems. World-class manufacturing and advanced metrology ensure consistent, batch-to-batch performance that always meets specifications.

Semrock Catalogue  |  Semrock Pricelist

Semrock Brightline Filters
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High speed spatial light modulator
Meadowlark Optics

Precision Polarisation Systems & Custom Solutions

Meadowlark Optics is a leading provider of high-quality polarisation systems and components, specialising in liquid crystal devices across a wide range of wavelengths from UV to MWIR. Their comprehensive product line includes a variety of essential components such as shutters, rotators, waveplates/retarders, spatial light modulators, tunable optical filters, tri-colour filters, polarisers, polarimeters, and more.

Each product offered by Meadowlark Optics is carefully designed to provide precise wavelength range and rapid liquid crystal response time, allowing for the manipulation of spectra and pulses with exceptional control. In addition to their standard offerings, Meadowlark Optics excels in providing custom solutions tailored to meet specific requirements.

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